The Biostatistics Graduate Student Association was founded in 2016 by a group of enthusiastic students who were particularly excited about getting food at journal club, nerdy t-shirts, and sharing knowledge. It is a recognized organization of Vanderbilt University as well as an ASA student chapter. Currently, it functions primarily to host bi-monthly student-run Journal Clubs.

Mission: We seek to facilitate an environment for students to engage in discussions regarding biostatistics and data science concepts in order to further their knowledge and understanding of the current state of the field.

Journal Club


Information on the 2021 Journal Club dates and speakers can be found in the spreadsheet here.


More information on Journal Club and other department resources can be found here.

  • All are welcome to attend!
  • All attendees are expected to have read the article or background provided by the speaker. Here is a good intro on How to Read the Statistical Methods Literature.
  • The leader for the week will lead a general discussion, occasionally accompanied by a short presentation of the material.
  • Students in their 3rd & 4th years are required to present once per year.
  • Please send your Journal article, software package, or research topic to the Secretary no less than 2 weeks in advance to allow for time to disseminate to all students.
  • Presenters are required to invite at least one faculty member to attend their meeting and participate in the discussion.